Planning for Art Display in Your Remodel
At the beginning of a remodel is the perfect time to plan for displaying artwork, family photos and memorabilia. When the plans are being drawn is the time to think about color, sightlines, lighting and placement of electrical controls and air vents.


Color Palette – Original art doesn’t come in a variety of color choices like you get with fabrics and carpets. Start with a significant piece of art for the color palette and work with it for fabric and carpet selection.


Sightlines and Anchor Walls – Have you ever been in a gallery or museum where you see a striking piece of art which is actually several rooms away, but because of a sightline and good lighting the artwork is absolutely stunning? That wall is like an anchor that pulls you towards it. Other important walls are above the fireplace and above the couch.


Look for the anchor walls in your home. bsThink about standing in various spots in your home and what you see. Look through doorways from one room to another, what is on the opposite wall? What is at the end of the hallway? Perhaps there are situations where a door or window can be moved six inches to radically improve the display possibilities of a wall.


Windows – A large picture window makes it difficult to display a prominent piece of art. One solution is to install smaller windows on either side of the wall to preserve a large wall space in the center for art display.


Light switches and air vents – Don’t ruin a wall by thoughtless placement of a light switch, thermostat, air vent or other control. Put these items as close to a doorway as possible or on a wall that is fundamentally unsuited for art display.


Lighting is essential for enjoyable viewing of artwork. Commonly used systems for art lighting use either PAR 30 bulbs or low voltage MR16 bulbs. Track lighting is popular for its flexibility and recessed cans provide a cleaner, more aesthetic look. Learn more about lighting.