Aqueous, Mixed media, 48 x 48 inches


Mixed Media

48 x 48 inches SOLD

Phoria, Mixed media, 40 x 40 inches


Mixed Media

40 x 40 inches

Phoria 11, Mixed media, 40 x 50 inches

Phoria 11

Mixed media 

40 x 50 inches

Pezhman studied photography and cinema at the Atlanta College of Art. He was encouraged  to experiment with various forms of photographic expression, including architecture, portraits, and location shooting.  With an extensive and impressive portfolio, he earned a position as photography assistant at a prominent local studio.  This applied training greatly enhanced his photographic techniques and encouraged the evolution of his own style. Pezhman has been exploring both natural and urban environments through photography.  A passionate environmentalist, he thrives outdoors where he gains peace and introspection.

Pezhman studied at the New York School of Photography, where he honed his skills in the medium-format camera. He later perfected using his images to create stunning mixed media art.

I believe there is a bit of magic in the medium of photography that is made up of light, chemistry, natural beauty and the ability to capture a perfect moment on film.