Joshua Abarbanel

Mo Flow by Joshua Abarbanel

Mo Flow

Wood Sculpture

37 x 27 inches

Mini Reef by Joshua Abarbanel, Wood Sculpture

Mini Reef

Wood Sculpture

24 x 50 inches

Joshua Abarbanel is engaged in an on-going exploration of form and pattern, using shapes, colors, and compositions evocative of biological, botanical, geological, and mechanical structures. Finding inspiration in fractals, accretive formations, and the Fibonacci sequence, Abarbanel creates art that often simultaneously evokes microscopic and aerial perspectives, such that the compositions serve as metaphors for archetypal relationships between people, between individuals and communities, and between humankind and the planet. His work also illustrates how disparate parts can come together to make a whole in beautiful and startling ways.

Abarbanel was born in Manchester England in 1966. He earned his first degree at UC Berkeley, a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Psychology. He received his Masters of Fine Arts, Design, at UCLA 4 years later. The artist lives and works in southern California. He has exhibited throughout the state of California, New York and Tokyo. He has created numerous site-specific sculptures and commissions for private collections.